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The Awakening Guide

"Bonnie Greenwell graces us with a remarkably clear and accessible road map of the awakening process. The language is layered and rich, yet piercingly direct and infused with the power of transmission. This book is a rare gift flowing out from Greenwell's extraordinary insight and saturated with a brand of compassion and wisdom that can only be gained through direct experience. I am reading slowly, prayerfully, and gratefully." -Review on Amazon

The Kundalini Guide

"If you sense that awakening is happening within you, this book is a very supportive, very detailed, very compassionate approach to the mysteries of the kundalini experience. I found myself underlining things on every page and nodding my head and thanking the author for confirming for me that this is a natural process, one that is simply ignored by modern science, psychology, medicine and religion mostly." -Review on Amazon